At HRE one of our specialties is our service offerings. Using our experience in machining components, engine assembly and chassis setup allows us to get anyone up front and winning on a regular basis!

Services -in the karting field we do it all!

Dyno Services:
We offer complete dyno services, we can tell you exactly how much horsepower your engine is making as well as what parts are helping and maybe even hurting horsepower!

Machine Work:
Precision machine work vital! We have the experience to get the most from every part needing modification or custom machining.
When it has to be exact or perfect you can count on us to do exactly that!

Chassis Setup & More:
We offer complete chassis and setup services. From installing your body correctly, to setting up and scaling your chassis for your exact track and driver needs, we do it all and we do it right!

Blueprinting Services:
We can blueprint your clutch, lightening components for a better launch and then dial it in for your exact need.

Typical Chassis Services:
Chassis Assembly
Chassis Scaling
Chassis VCG
Body Work Install.
Tire Cutting
Tire Balancing

Typical Machine Services:
Engine blueprinting
Engine Porting
Boring, Milling
Decking, Honing
Custom Machine work

Flow Services:
Flow Bench Services
Engine Blocks

Other Services:
Flow Bench Services
Dyno Services
Carburetor Blueprinting
Clutch Blueprinting
Engine Assembly

Track and Private Support available!
If you race at a track we are racing at as well, we offer support for our racers. Private Track Support is also available for our individual clients. Contact us if you need our personal services at the track!

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